Review: Tullamore Dew Original

Lets talk about Tullamore Dew

Ahh Tullamore Dew. This whiskey is one of the staples of Irish Whiskey and for a very good reason. It’s not just great adverts they do, they also do some absolutely expressions of whiskey to suit all tastes.

So what does Tullamore Dew taste like?

There’s a reason you’ll probably be able to find a bottle of Tullamore Dew in most houses in Ireland. It might be at the back, only pulled out at Christmas for old uncle John, but it will be there.

This whisky is a light sweet fruit with butterscotch notes on the nose.

Nothing particularly exciting here but it gets better once you get it in the mouth. You get a lot of sherry on the tongue, a sharp spike of spice and toast.

The finish is smooth, it’s medium body going down quickly, with strong notes of toffee. A good whiskey, if a little inoffensive.


This whiskey is definitely going to be a crowd please anytime you pull it out. It has something for everyone without trying to be too challenging for anyone. Grab a bottle and keep it as a sipping whiskey, saving the really good stuff for the special occasions.

You can buy Tullamore Dew here.
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