Review: Glenfiddich Cask Collection – Reserve Cask

My favourite thing when travelling is swinging by the whiskey outlet and picking up a few minis from whatever they have available. Living in a tiny flat in London, I don’t have the space to keep a huge amount of whiskey on my shelf so its a good way of getting a taste of everything.

I recently flew back from Dublin and picked up this lovely little bottle of Glenfiddich Reserve Cask. It’s a travel retail exclusive, so you won’t find this in your local off licence but you can probably pick it up online for a few quid if you fancy it.

When it comes to scotch, I prefer Islay malts so I’m not overly familiar with the various Speyside expressions, but this was a great way to get to know them.

I lashed it into the glass and took a sniff. Initially, I got a strong whack of vanilla along with some mellow caramel notes, I also get some spices and dried fruits which felt appropriate for the winter months. I took a breath and returned the nose to the glass, giving a longer sniff and discovered that there is a lightly toasted malt to finish the sniff.

Into the gob it went and on the tongue it gave me a big spice hit with a hint of woodiness. There’s a lovely burn on the tongue, which I really enjoyed. I swilled it around my mouth to find some citrus peel and marmalade notes too.

Swallowing it gives you a long finish with a bit of lightly burnt wood, and it’s here you will find the sherry casks that the whiskey is aged in.

I don’t know about you but I love figuring out if a whiskey is improved with water or not, so about half way through the dram I threw a few drops of water into the glass in the name of science. On the nose it really increased the smell of spice and brings out stronger citrus at the tail end of the sniff. I didn’t notice a change on the tongue but it really added fruits to the finish to the drink. Overall, I reckon it was improved with the few drops of water.

Whatever way you drink it, this is a rich, smooth and sweet drink that goes down easy. Well worth the try if you see it in the mini version while you’re waiting on your next flight, but I don’t know if I’d lay down the money for a full bottle of this in favour of something else in the same price range. Give it a shot if you see it in your local whiskey bar, and let me know what you think if you do.

You can buy it directly from Amazon here.

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